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Challenging the status quo and revolutionizing the way you experience Commercial Real Estate. Embrace a new era of tenant representation that’s all about you – your needs, your growth, and your success.

As Tenant Representatives

At Wilshire Advisory Group, our singular dedication is to you, the tenant. Our primary objective is to assist you in reducing your real estate expenses while optimizing the overall value. Serving as your trusted and confidential advisor, we champion your real estate needs, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations.


About Us

Wilshire Advisory Group is a national, independent, full-service commercial real estate firm with offices located in Los Angeles and Miami. Our expertise encompasses tenant representation for commercial office space leasing and subleasing, commercial property sales to cater to owner-users and investors, as well as comprehensive real estate brokerage and advisory services spanning across the United States.

Founded on a vision of breaking free from the conventional brokerage limitations and conflicts of interest, our team has joined together to become a trusted partner in commercial real estate.

Our experience has empowered clients, ranging from emerging startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, with our distinctive, time-tested, and innovative approach to commercial real estate transactions. Our unwavering commitment to delivering outcomes that positively impact our clients’ bottom lines has been at the core of our journey.


Experience Tenant Representation Like Never Before.

Navigating the complexities of the commercial real estate market can be daunting. With Wilshire Advisory Group, you’re not just another client in a sea of deals. We prioritize your needs, protect your interests, and negotiate fearlessly on your behalf.

Expert Guidance. Timely Results.

We are dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions and strategic guidance to buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, all with the aim of maximizing profits while minimizing risk.

Tailoring lease solutions to meet your specific spatial needs.

Securing favorable terms and enhancing existing leases to your advantage.

Expertly negotiating leases to improve terms and conditions.

Maximizing asset utilization by helping you sublease excess space.

Seamlessly transitioning to new locations aligned with your evolving needs.

Efficiently managing the process of expanding your lease space for growth.

Strategically optimizing your real estate portfolio through space consolidation.

Developing and implementing strategies to maximize the overall value of your real estate assets.

Providing expert advice and valuations to help you make informed real estate decisions.

Delivering data-driven insights and market research to guide your real estate strategies.

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